Here is your chance to attend the ARMA LIVE!2018 conference in Anaheim if your are limited on funds and still want to attend. It is also a wonderful opportunity to connect with fellow conference attendees.

At this point the ARMA Live! 2018 Conference is seeking 11 education assistants and has extended the application deadline to May 10th for individuals who are interested in this opportunity.

An education assistant helps at the International Conference with monitoring a room on behalf of ARMA. This person will make sure presenters have what they need, and communicate with ARMA staff if something is needed. They will also scan badges for attendance, and help communicate any announcements that need to be made. Of the three day conference, education assistants would work for 1 & ½ days. In exchange these assistants will receive a complimentary registration for the conference.

The application is located here. 

If you know of anyone who has thought about this opportunity, please encourage them to apply. Thank you.