As another of the benefits of your membership in Oregon ARMA, the chapter maintains a library of over 50 book titles, on a variety of RIM subject areas, and you may borrow any of these books, or other media, just by asking.

These books include some authored by the top thought leaders in the field: Dearstyne, Isaza, Kahn, Langemo, Saffady, and Stephens, just to name a few, while others are library materials are genuine ARMA International publications.

The topics covered in the library materials cover the gamut from disaster planning to digital records conversion; from micrographics to E-mail management. If you’re studying for the CRM, IGP, or CIP exams you will find material here to help you succeed. If you’re just trying to answer a question or solve a problem, there may be just the right item here to assist you.

The entire inventory of the library collection is available on the chapter website.

Oregon ARMA is in need of an additional board member to be our Education Director. This person would keep and maintain the library, select our M.E.R. Session of the Month, and advise on programs, and assist with any educational workshops held by the chapter.

Until then, please contact Andrew Penta at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to retrieve library materials.

If you have books that you have previously retrieved from the chapter library, it may be about time for you to return them. If you have personal RIM related books that you feel need a new home, consider donating them to the chapter where others may be able to learn from them. Thanks in advance!