Integrate Digital Preservation into Your Information Governance Framework
Speaker:  Lori Ashley

September 11, 2018 / 12:00pm - 1:30pm

Portland International Airport Conference Center
(Parking will be validated)

Records Managers have traditionally played a key custodial role in protecting and providing access to long-term inactive records stored on paper and film.  As organizations continue to evolve towards near total reliance on born-digital and digitized content, Records Managers often find they lack visibility into the systems and repositories where long-term electronic records are now stored. Given rapid changes in technology environments and the fragility of digital records, this situation can potentially impair defensible disposition of temporary records as well as put the authenticity and usability of long-term and permanent electronic records at risk.

This session will explore requirements and good practices associated with managing long-term digital information assets and ensuring they remain trustworthy over successive generations of technologies and custodians. Industry research into the legal, regulatory, financial, operational and cultural heritage drivers for long-term records management will be shared. Suggestions for how to integrate active digital preservation practices into your organization’s information governance framework will be provided.

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